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noun apo·gee \ˈa-pə-(ˌ)jē\
A. The farthest or highest point; the apex
B. Astronomy The point in an orbit around the planet Earth where the orbiting body is farthest from the planet

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Here at Apogee Vapor we pride ourselves on our Customer Service and our wide selection of E-cigarette products.
If your new to vaping or are a seasoned veteran we are always here to help.
All of our E-Juices come from U.S. only Company's that have gone thru our vetting process to insure quality not hype.
All company''s have provided pictures of their ISO clean rooms.
No back room "house" juices here.
We also pride ourselves on our pricing. Apogee Vapor constantly checks our pricing against the national average and adjust accordingly to bring you the best prices around.